Tips on getting freelance jobs you will love

Are you new to freelance writing, and you are wondering how and where you can get a freelance writing job? Or you have started writing for a while, but it's getting more difficult to find employment? Then, you must be missing something.

As a freelance writer, you need not seek for job positions in an office or something. It is an entirely different approach. But before you start sourcing for jobs, there is a need to understand that writing requires absolute focus and energy.

The number of people going into freelancing is increasing with each passing day. This makes getting jobs more competitive. However, if you are good at your game, you will excel and get clients quickly.

Five ways to get freelancing jobs

You can follow these five tips to get freelancing jobs that you will love. They are;

  1. Jobs website: There are few websites out there that post freelance jobs. Sites, such as monsters job or indeed, post distant, contract-based, and accessible job opportunities. It also allows you to use the advanced search tool to get a suitable job.
  2. Social networks: Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, and LinkedIn help you get precisely the kind of job you want. You can post copies of your works and attract clients. You can also join freelancer groups where you can find offers.
  3. Create a personal blog or website: As you continue to grow as a freelancer, start your blog, and regularly update it with articles that are related to your field. Do not forget to include your details, such as contact and a concise CV when posting articles.
  4. Friends and connections: A great deal of help may come from your friends. Many freelancers don't go out much because of deadlines. So, you need to spread the words of your profession to your friends through social media. That way, they can recommend you to clients.
  5. Taking the direct approach: Many companies are hiring freelancers but are not advertising. There is no crime in you aiming for such companies that might be interested in your service. Media companies like Netflix and BBC worldwide regularly hire freelancers.

Best places to search for freelance jobs

It may be overwhelming when you go to search for websites with freelance opportunities, and choosing the best might be hard. Here is a list of top sites to get a freelance job listing:

1) General Freelance

  • iFreelance
  • Upwork
  • Flexjobs
  • Fiverr
  • Indeed
    • 2) Designs freelance

      • Dribbble
      • Behance
      • Design Crowd
      • Coroflot
      • ArtWanted

      3) Freelance Photographer

      • Cruise Ship Jobs
      • Journalismjobs
      • Craigslist
      • The Creativeloft
      • Photography jobs online

      4) Freelance marketers

      • Aquent
      • People per hour
      • Remotive

      5) Freelance Developers

      • Lorem
      • Joomlancers
      • Gigster
      • Codeable


      Whether you are freelancing to make more cash or as a full-time career, these freelance sites can help you get jobs that you can do. Either way, you need to constantly improve your skills to get the best freelance jobs out there.

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