A Freelancer Guide to SEO

The recent trend of job seekers mentioned the "SEO experience" in their requirements has created havoc among freelance writers. But hold your horses, as it is nothing to be feared from. Moreover, SEO is one of the most useful that you can add to your kitty.

SEO or search engine optimization can be perceived as a fancy term. But in reality, it is elementary to understand. Below, we have explained everything about SEO and why it's relevant for your freelancing career.

What is SEO?

SEO is a process of magnifying the quality of content and attracting traffic to any website. You may have heard the client referring to articles that will enhance his website's ranking on google. Well, this is exactly what he meant.

To achieve a good ranking on ranking, you have to consider several things while putting up content on a website. Meta tags and structured web pages can also help in improving the SEO score.

SEO is primarily relevant in the world of e-commerce and online businesses. For freelance writers, it is one of the essential terms to understand in the coming times. If you are looking to work on affiliate marketing articles or copywriting, thorough SEO knowledge is necessary.

Search engine optimization includes a bunch of techniques and methodologies. We have described each one of these below:

Page Rank

Page rank determines the importance of the website in terms of desirability and exposure. It's a fool-proof way of getting a reality check of how well a website is doing to garner traffic and put out genuine content. Google's algorithm of deciding a website's page rank is pretty much flawless, and it determines the page rank through crawlers.

These crawlers determine the number of relevant links in the article and then give it numbers between 1 to 10 accordingly.


A keyword is a word or sometimes a phrase that we use to reach specific search engines. Based on your article's niche, you need to find relevant keywords and insert them to get a much better ranking on google.

Keyword density also plays a significant role in this. It is the number of times you have used the primary keyword in the article. According to SEO experts, your keyword density should be at least 1% of the total word count.


Q - Can you pay for a higher ranking?

A - No, google does not allow you to pay to purchase search list rankings. This is because these rankings are not allotted by employees but by google's algorithm itself. The only way to get a good rating is through earning it over time.

Q - How does it correlate with Freelance Writing?

A - SEO is indeed essential for freelance writers. Firstly, it shows how serious you are about your profession. We have explained the importance of keywords and how they can impact your articles. All these methods have only one purpose: to attract more and more traffic to a website, which results from most of your clients.

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