Worst Forms of Freelance Writing Works

Freelance writing is an excellent avenue for earning a living. It can pay your bills just as any other form of employment does. But, not every form of freelance writing pays top dollar for your troubles. Different forms of writing pay distinct amounts, even if your established personal rates are standard. So which forms of writing can frustrate your time and energy due to their poor rates?

Freelance Writing Forms That Pay Poorly 

As a freelance writer, you need to improve your earning odds. The best way is to discriminate among writing jobs and focus on those that pay well. It often isn’t easy to know what deserves your attention as far as freelance writing goes. But, here are some of the writing forms you need to avoid to improve your earnings from writing.

  • Descriptive Product Writing. Writing product descriptions once paid well. The internet has, however, dragged the price rates of the niche down since the previous decade. Most companies no longer care if their product descriptions are dismal or ungrammatical. It has thus led to a lower valuation for writing product descriptions. The domain has increasingly seen occupation by ESL writers who seem keen to labor for bottom rate prices. 

Suave brands in need of creative writing are also not willing to pay for these services. Regardless of how important creativity suits their brands. 

  • Resume Writing. The niche once paid well due to the demands at the time. Currently, most job hunters indulge help from unrestricted online tools to make their own. Some managers, albeit a small proportion, may still pay some cash to have their resumes polished by an expert writer. That said, however, not enough of work exists to enable you to get enough real pay.

Most individuals require only one or to resumes to make applications. Such a limited volume flow is another reason why resume writing makes for such a poor niche. You may end up marketing your services without any real workflow and income. It might lead you to abandon freelance writing for full-time employment.

  • Writing reviews. To write reviews has never been a great source of income. Especially if you take into account the number of hours you need to read a book before writing a review. Besides the poor rates of your time per dollar in writing a review, most of the available work goes to free Crowdsourced review sites like Yelp.
  • Personal Essay Writing. Well-paying essay markets have dried up. Mainly due to the emergence of free personal essays that have stunted the personal essay price rates. The few avenues left are magazines which is a preserve for the few popular figures. You can end up pitching essay angles to different sets of avenues that pay without much success. Another challenge with this niche entails the one-off gigs which can’t sustain your basic lifestyle, same as the resume niche.

You also can’t rely on tabloid op-ed pieces as they are always free and tough to earn from. It is mainly because of the huge number of people willing to narrate their trauma to the world for free and without a care for family banishment. 

  • Storytelling. Fiction pieces can’t fetch an individual a reliable income. So it’s important to engage in this form of writing if you are purely in it for your enjoyment. Create your website for this type of writing and mainly do it for showcase purposes.


The strategy is key when it comes to determining the amount of income to earn from freelance writing. Pick writing forms that compensate well for your time and effort. Who knows, you might even go into fulltime freelance writing.

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