Best Ways to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

Writer struggles are hard to ignore, but not to imagine. Beginners are not so sure about where to begin, and even established professional writers may struggle to make ends meet. So here we are with the five best ways to find freelance writing jobs that may actually help you pay bills. Dive in!

Spread the word of mouth

Word of mouth is like a foundational step in almost all careers. From friends to family and even social media, you have to let the world know about your willingness towards the job and along with your skillset. It could be a pamphlet for a friend's new business or some reviews and taglines. The rates might be low, or maybe free, but this will eventually help you build a portfolio, and who knows, you might stumble on the right opportunity.

Build a public portfolio

Being a writer, you might have, at some point, penned down your thoughts on your personal life or from something that you love. You could begin with Instagram or Twitter posts or a blog if you are into lengthier content. This will also be a great way to keep up your practice and improve your writing skills and speed. Besides, this way, you may also help a few compassionate organizations.

Besides, this could also be an opportunity to start a small monetary venture. For instance, you shall begin with short stories or an affiliate marketing website. And a live site is definitely one of the best ways to impress potential clients.

Free work also pays off with the right strategy

Free content may seem like a bad idea, but only if you frame the right strategy. In simple words, don’t be an all getter. Try and grab assignments that are in sync with the kind of portfolio you wish to build.

Guest blogs are a great way to achieve this. See what is up and trending among your interests, do some research, and write an interesting piece of content. Next, you must get in touch with a few publishers and get your work published. Besides, you must also look for free tasks that provide you with an author account. Consequently, avoid ghostwriting jobs that will become hard to authenticate as yours.

Search online

Gone is the era when the writers struggled with pen and paper. These days, there are plenty of opportunities available online. All you have to do is look for it in the right place.

Check online platforms and forums, where people post requirements for content. Some of these platforms worth checking are Upwork, Freelancer, LinkedIn Jobs, ProBlogger, FreelanceWriting, Mediabistro, among others.

Pitch for yourself

Some risks are worth it! You might have an acquaintance with an editor and media house publisher or have a dream magazine where you wish to see your name as an author. Then don’t let anything stop you from taking the plunge to pitch for your skills and willingness to deliver your services.

Just create a decent message with the appropriate portfolio and shoot it to the respective person. If lady luck shines on you and you have a good presentation, the chances are that you may land a decent writing job; what’s there to lose anyway!

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