5 Tips For Landing Freelance Writing Jobs In Fiction

For most people who go in search of writing jobs or editing jobs in fiction, it’s something they do because they enjoy the freedom of setting their own schedules, working from home, and doing something they love. Of course, there are unique details and reasons behind every story, but the majority of fiction writers cite these three perks as the biggest motivators for choosing online writing jobs to develop their fiction. We’ve spoken with many seasoned veterans in the freelance market and they’ve helped us develop this list of essential tips to help beginners land writing jobs in today’s gig economy.

  1. Do Your Research and Build a Network

    Start reading pieces of fiction published on the web in order to get a sense of what literary magazines are looking for. Reach out to some of these authors and develop a strong support network. You can ask questions, ask them for advice, and request they read your material. Networks will make the process of landing well-paying fiction jobs much easier as well as save you time and energy.

  2. Get Into the Habit of Searching Every Day

    If you spend at least an hour each day searching for online writing jobs, you’re bound to find something that is really promising very quickly. You may not be ready to submit your work just yet, but you can start following the site in order to figure out what you need to do to get paid for your fiction writing.

  3. Submit Bids on Freelance Market Sites

    Places like Upwork and Fiverr are job board sites where clients post their project needs and freelance writers like you can bid on for a small fee. Most people think that these sites are primarily for content or blog writing, but there are a number of small online publishers looking for up-and-coming writers that specialize in fiction short pieces (sometimes even long pieces). So check out these sites often.

  4. Keep Working on Developing Your Skills

    Even if you are experiencing trouble landing writing gigs, you need to keep developing your writing skills week after week. Free write or work on mechanics. Focus on grammar and expand on your vocabulary. If possible, join a creative writing group to surround yourself with like-minded creative types.

  5. Be Patient and Keep Applying for Work

    A successful career in fiction writing will not happen overnight. Many writers will struggle at first before consistently landing well-paying writing or editing jobs. Don’t be discouraged. Stay persistent and keep applying until the right opportunities start falling in your lap.

Over the years, we have provided a lot of advice on landing freelance writing jobs. And as the industry keeps evolving, our goal is to keep giving the latest information to help writers develop their skills, land online writing jobs, and build a successful career in the freelance fiction writing market. Keep checking our blog for more information and feel free to ask us your questions. We have the experts who know what it takes to achieve your goals.

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