Looking for a Freelance Job in Fitness Writing? Here Are the Best Options

If you are a fitness guru with great writing skills you might have a wonderful career earning money through freelance writing jobs. Fitness is a huge industry that is getting bigger every year. Don’t believe us? Just open up any browser and head over to a general news site like Yahoo or MSN or a social media site like Facebook or Twitter. Chances are high that you will find at least one fitness blog or article simply by scrolling the day’s home page. This is great news if you want to be a fitness freelance writer!

There are hundreds of opportunities to land online writing jobs in this field and we have the best places for you to search.

Best Freelance Writing Websites

  1. Upwork

    In recent years, Upwork has become the premier site for landing well-paying online freelance writing jobs in every industry. Clients (employers) can easily post their projects and invite qualified writers to submit bid proposals. Prices are always negotiable and the more success a writer has the more he or she is likely to land more writing jobs. Fitness writing is a particularly popular niche market that many paying clients want to capitalize in. Freelance writers in this field are in high demand. So searching for these opportunities through this site is a top choice.

  2. ProBlogger

    The difference between online writing jobs in the fitness industry and other industries is that you don’t necessarily have to contribute original work. There is a huge market for editors who can “fix” or “enhance” ideas and drafts created by fitness experts who don’t quite have the skills for writing for a wide audience. ProBlogger is always looking for writers and editors who can write for the web. Short pieces that are easy to read and captivate audiences are in high demand. Check out this site for freelance fitness gigs that can complement your regular work or help you get a foot in the door.

  3. Academic Services

    When most people think about academic writing services, they imagine essays or term paper writing in areas like history or English or science, etc. But what is often forgotten is that areas like health and fitness are growing sciences that lead to highly-lucrative careers. Academic writers are the kinds of specialists that are always in demand. Check out an academic service to see if they are looking for fitness experts to take on web writing or homework solver jobs. The most reputable sites pay high rates and offer flexibility that appeals to most people looking to work from home and taking on as much or as little work as possible.

We understand you may have more questions about the actual process of developing skills, submitting proposals, and negotiating prices. We’ve got answers. Just give us a call or submit a question online and we’ll tell you all you need to know about successfully earning cash with online writing jobs. And if you have any experiences you’d like to share, we will be glad to let others know what you have learned through your own journey. Contact us today!

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