How Can I Find An Interesting And Highly-Paid Freelance Writing Position?

Most freelance writers complain about poorly paying gigs. In fact, many would be writers have abandoned the quest for lack of well-paying jobs in the industry. When you read most freelance writing forums, the issue of poor pay keeps cropping up. Does this mean all freelance writing jobs pay poorly? How do these writers survive in a world where living costs keep going up? These are questions many beginners in freelance writing have been asking.

Well, if you plan to start out as a freelance writer, it is important to create a strategy to avoid poorly paying gigs. You see, in every industry, the pay rate varies depending on skills, experience and more importantly, your marketing skills. For instance, two electricians with similar skill and experience levels can negotiate different pay packages with the same employer. The same applies to freelance writing.

The way you start out in the industry determines the pay you will receive for your services. If you plan to start looking for a freelance writing job online, the following tips will help you find interesting and high paying gigs. Take a look:

  • Narrow Down on a Niche
  • The greatest mistake freelance writing beginners make is rushing into the market without a strategy. When you start picking any writing job, you come across; poor pay is the natural outcome. The best strategy to find well-paying gigs is to narrow down on the jobs you can handle. It could be in your area of specialization or any subject which interests you.

    Take time to research and find out the kind of jobs required in the niche you have chosen and start looking out for gigs. As you build your profile, it becomes easier to negotiate better terms based on your specialization in this area.

  • Identify the Best Paying Writing Gigs
  • There are some writing areas which guarantee better pay and these include:

    1. Inbound marketing, content writing
    2. Web design and development topics
    3. Programming And Software Development content
    4. Copywriting
    5. Social media marketing content
    6. Case studies
    7. Whitepapers
    8. Long-form blogging
    9. Annual reports
    10. Brand journalism
    11. Video script writing
    12. Marketing Emails
    13. Ghostwriting for successful personalities
    14. Online Courses / E-Learning

  • Start Blogging
  • Blogging is a no-brainer for anyone who is serious about earning a living through freelance writing. You see, clients will only pay you better if they can see your good work. One way of building a profile in this crowded industry is through blogging. Creating a blog is easy but writing relevant content requires dedication and commitment. As you continue sharing insightful blogs in your niche, people will notice, and you will have the leverage to negotiate better pay.

  • Create Connections
  • When looking for well-paying freelance writing jobs online for beginners, remember it is mostly about who you know in the industry in addition to what you know. Identify the influential people in your niche and start following them.

    Comment on their blogs, reference them in your blogs, share their posts and request to include them in an expert roundup. It is the best way to build a network and a profile in the industry. When you have built a profile, it becomes easier to negotiate better pay and bid for higher paying writing jobs.

  • Approach Clients Directly
  • If there is a new website targeting customers in your city, you can easily approach them and request to supply them with high-quality web copy.

It is also important to make the best first impression, negotiate like a pro, research your markets for clients and always look at a freelance writing job description before picking it up.

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